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56 years experience

Expertise:  Marine engines and propulsion; small engines and equipment; motorcycles; accident investigation and analysis

Education:  B.S., Mechanical Engineering

Experience:  Research Engineer, Field Engineer, Project engineer and Chief Engineer – Outboard Marine Corporation; Consulting Engineer – product design, testing and evaluation; affiliated with ABYC, SAE, SNAME, Member ABYC Hull Performance Technical Committee

Robert MacNeill, Vice President, IMCA 36 years experience Expertise: Rules of the road, accident investigation, carbon monoxide, production methods, powerboat design, boating safety standards, human factors engineering, visibility from helm, navigation lights Education: B.S. Industrial Design, Yacht Design Experience: COO three boat companies; Boating Safety Standards Research, Wyle Laboratories; Chairman of Westlawn School of Yacht Design; past NBSAC Navigation Light Sub Committee Chairman; USCG Captain, Master 100-ton license

Don F. Kueny, P.E.