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IMCAlogofinalIMCA delivers cost-effective solutions to the challenges and problems your company faces. For access to a vital and unmatched marine industry resource of technical and litigation expertise, call today for a no-obligation analysis. Find out why the most respected and successful companies in the marine industry rely on IMCA professional consultants for innovative solutions.

Hunter Marine
Eddie Breeden, Customer Service Manager

“IMCA is a well organized and customer friendly organization. They are well schooled and up-to-date with ABYC recommendations. From our perspective as a manufacturer, they excel in their ability to speak in laymen’s terms, while maintaining a highly technical outcome. Their hands-on approach leaves you with the feeling that they are an integral part of your team.”

Cobalt Boats
Pack St. Clair, CEO

“We’ve used IMCA consultants often, and find them very cost effective. IMCA consultants allow us to expand our engineering capabilities—and that’s important because we just don’t have all engineering disciplines in-house. One or two of their professionals really cover the waterfront for us: one phone call finds all the engineering and compliance disciplines we need.”

Professional BoatBuilder Magazine
Paul Lazarus, Editor

“IMCA functions not unlike a top-flight talent agency that ‘reps’ its stars. And make no mistake: the credentials of several associates on the IMCA roster give them star status in their respective specialties. Besides marine and process engineering, IMCA provides product design, standards development, expert-witness testimony, and similar services to marine manufacturers who cannot afford in-house staff in these technical areas of the boat business.”

Cruisers, Inc.
Tony Martens, Director, New Product Engineering

“We’ve used IMCA regularly for three years. They do all of the checks on our hull line drawing—reviewing both hydrostatics and hydrodynamics. We also use them for hull structural integrity analysis on every hull design. We’re very pleased with IMCA’s service and value; they’re always very professional, courteous and timely.”

Lane, Reese, Aulick, Summers & Field
George O. Mitchell, Esq.

“I have represented a number of manufacturers in the recreational boat industry for many years. Whether confronted with a design or construction problem for a client, or actually engaged in the litigation defense of a client, I have found IMCA to be responsive and always able to furnish me with the expertise I require to  effectively represent my clients. IMCA’s areas of specialization run the gamut, as do my clients’ problems. It has been of inestimable benefit to me to have  an organization that can furnish me the specialized help I need when I need it.”

Volvo Penta of the Americas, Inc.
Marcia Kull, Vice President & General Councel

“In a world full of self-proclaimed “experts,” it’s reassuring to find that true experts do exist who specialize in marine applications. IMCA professionals are welcomed into our factories for engineering consultation and advice on a wide variety of technical topics as part of our continual efforts to improve product safety and better the boating experience for our customers. In litigation, IMCA associates’ focus on marine applications distinguishes them from the garden-variety experts so often presented by the other side. Their level of professionalism, experience and customer service is unsurpassed.”

Snell & Wilmer
Alex B. Marconi, Esq.

“IMCA associates are competent, professional and responsive, in short just what is needed in a complex matter, either as a consultant or testifying expert.”

Buist, Moore, Smythe & McGee, P.A.
David M. Collins, Esq.

“IMCA’s broad range of experience and expertise makes them the perfect first call in any recreational boating litigation.”